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El día que me muera

Watch El día que me muera (2019) : Full Movie Online Free Dina has not seen her three children for many years. They escaped their excessive control and live abroad. She can't get over her aerophobia to go visit them. She can't take it anymore without seeing them, and with his friends she sets up a mock of his funeral to force them to come and see her, but her plan will unleash madness. Who would think that this plan will work?


Production Company: Del Toro Films

Release: Aug 08, 2019

Production Countries: Argentina

Quality: HD

Rating: 6

Casts: Betiana Blum, Roberto Carnaghi, Alejandra Flechner, Maria Jose Gabin, Lucas Ferraro, Gipsy Bonafina, Soledad García, Hernán Chiozza, Regina Lamm, Alan Sabbagh, Mirta Busnelli